January 2021 App Competition [First Tulip App]

hello all!!

we’re excited to announce our first App competition on Community!! submit your entry below for the opportunity to win 6 custom made Tulip desktop clocks you can share with your colleagues:

for the first App competition, we’d like to see the first app you built with Tulip. to submit your entry, simply share a screen recording, videos, or photos, along with a brief written description of what the app is used for and how it works as a response to this topic. bonus points if you share the improvements you’ve seen from deploying it in production!!

entries are open from now until 2021-01-31T00:00:00Z, but enter soon to have a higher likelihood of winning as the post with the most likes will win the Gizmo’s.

we’re looking forward to seeing your submissions!!


Our first Tulip app was a pick and pack app to help us fulfill e-commerce orders on our orchid packing line. The orders come from our Shopify site into Tulip and we run the Tulip station on the packing line with a large touch screen, it connects via a Fedex API connection to get shipping labels that print on the line and can be put straight onto the boxes. Once the box is packed Tulip sends data back to Shopify to update the order and send a notification to our customer and also updates our ERP system to consume the inventory in real time! We love it!! :grinning:


this is awesome, thanks for sharing @AndyB!! and welcome to the Tulip Community.

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So great to see this in use at your station - looks very sharp too! Great job, absolutely love it!

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We created an app to correct our run time for laser etching logos on handsets that we make.
We utilise the Tulip gateway and connected the foot pedal, limit switches to it, in order to make an intuitive app for the operators.

The foot pedal was used to switch steps in the app and limit switch connected with the gateway to count the number of handsets etched daily and record the time taken to etch a handset.
We also connected the light stack to mark green when the machine is in the operation and red when there is any issue or errors while doing the job.

We also added some form steps to report quantity error for the job and track type of defects for QC team to rectify.

The application helped us in correcting our run time.

I am attaching a link to show how triggers worked and how the app looks like.


It is an application to do a Housekeeping review in one of our plants.
Each operator checks a specific area to which the application directs him at the entrance.
The results of the anomalies of the review are collected in a graph.
We are currently in the implementation stage of the application.


Hello All,

I promised to Gio I would share one App, even if it’s not on the level as the ones above. :sweat_smile:

One I made was for an SQDCI (safety, quality, delivery, cost, involvement) board. I’m pretty sure everyone is using something similar for their daily meeting to analyze their KPI results from the day before. :bar_chart:

Just some buttons and a color variable associated to each and you can make your boards paperless :slight_smile: !


Very cool, pte! Simplicity rules!

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Hi Tulip Community!

This is our Voice Controlled APP. A “low touch” concept for TULIP station operator interaction. We are using our own voice gateway (NLP) with some pre-defined words (less errors).
Feel free to watch the proof of concept here:

Keep up the good work!!
Filipe Teixeira


@filipe.baup this is very very cool, thanks for sharing!!

how are you processing & sending the commands to Tulip??

thanks again for sharing, awesome to see this!! and welcome the the Tulip Community!!

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Thank you @gio !
Basically we have made some tweaks in the hardware voice kit and we send the detected commands (bools) and variables (integers, floats, ej: speed 100) into an OPC-UA server. TULIP connects to this OPC-UA server as a client. from TULIP’s station perspective, the voice kit is a “machine”.



thanks to everybody who posted apps to the January competition, great to see so many fantastic submissions!!

multiple submissions pulled many likes, but @AndyB’s awesome pick and pack app got the most and won our first ever app competition. congratulations Andy!! keep an eye out for an inbound package containing the Tulip clocks.

for the February competition, we’re looking for Tulip apps you’ve built that would be useful for other manufacturing facilities around the world. would every shop floor be better off with your safety app?? have you built the best kanban app out there?? submit your app!! @pte and @miguel.ledesma, I believe your apps would be great candidates :wink:.

thanks again for posting, we’re looking forward seeing your submissions in future competitions!!

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