Laser Etching or Silk Screening a Jig

Hey Vision colleagues this one’s for you folks. (@royshilkrot, @saifvazir, @Reshef.Gadot)

I had a question at office hours yesterday about whether or not we’ve tested jig detection on alternate physical media like laser etching a jig or silk screening one.

Any insight you can provide here?

@Shrmnatr feel free to chime in with anything additional thoughts or context.

@Shrmnatr, verdict here is that we aren’t aware of anyone who’s tried it, but that it would probably work. If you give it a go be sure to report back!

alright one last question on this, if I laser etch one of the jig symbols and end up deleting a jig detector will those symbols still work when I create a new jig detector? I noticed you could print off a ton of the detectors are they randomly generated each time? I dont want to make something permanent if it doesnt make sense.

Hi @Shrmnatr
It should work.
The Jigs are not randomly assigned.
There are 3 Jig mark options

  • Robust (max. 50 unique markers)
  • Medium (max. 250 unique markers)
  • Extended (max. 1000 unique markers)
    In each category, the marks are unique and constant. i.e if you etch mark no.1 from Robust Marker Type on a plate and then create a new Jig detector with Robust Marker Type you will get the same unique no.1 mark.