A few suggestions/questions from a new guy

Fairly new to this so it’s possible I’m missing current ways to do these but…

  1. A way to delete/clear archived apps
    We’ve started with 0 knowledge of the product and self taught through it with a decent sized group - there are a lot of ‘test’ applications that have been deleted and just don’t need to be saved in archive.

  2. When using the embedded gauge it would be nice to set the required range as variables so it adjusts numbers based on the variables used. (if the gauge is showing completed tasks out of total tasks based on a cell/machine/project then having the max change with the total number of tasks changing based on aggregations)

  3. Embedded table filters allowing any of x, y, z AND A, B, C. so results include x, A, B, C; y, A, B, C; etc but not t, A, B, C and not x, A, B, D.

  4. Being able to copy entire if/then blocks instead of singular triggers (if I’m checking 9 assemblies for different sub components and I need it to say if assy x then subcomp 1, 2, 3; next if then being if assy y then subcomp 2, 5, 6, 7 - it’d be nice to copy the first entirely and just change the variable drop downs instead of remaking each line in the statement

  5. Clearing tables was talked about a couple times on the forums from what I saw but looks like we’re still using a connector/bot work around - is there still progress being made on this?