Library 2024 - Q2 Priorities

Here’s a brief rundown on our 2024 Q2 Priorities for Library Content

Library FY25Q2 Content Priorities

  • Standardize apps to use Common Data Model tables
  • Prioritize standard life science connectors and use cases
  • Expand connectors across QMS, MRP, and other systems
  • Add more example integration videos to show in-action examples

Refine foundational usage of Common Data Model and Composable focus

  • Refine common table usage (Common Data Model) across all library apps
  • Ensure all apps are easily composable through usage of common data model tables
  • Continue to map all content to solutions and use cases

Additional Life Science Content

Start to tackle Life Sciences topics (Specifically LIMS, Advanced Logbooks, and eBR / eDHR refresh) with respect to Composable paradigm. Example apps below:

  • LIMS App Suite
  • Deviation Management
  • Lab Sample Management
  • TOR (Time Out of Refrigeration)
  • More robust Weigh & Dispense
  • Life Science Connectors (TrackWise, LabWare, etc.)

MRP, QMS, and Scheduling Connectors and Use Cases

Continue to explore more MRP, ERP (Mfg Focused) connectors that streamline how Tulip apps query and execute a schedule.

Continue to explore how to better streamline CAPA (Corrective Action, Preventative Action) integrations in the platform

Examples and Videos

Create additional TEC highlight videos and example demos; Keep content <5-10 minutes.

  • Examples of using connectors in-action (Side by side showing both systems)
  • Additional TEC demos
  • Additional AWS, Azure integration examples

@william_vanbuskirk is there a more specific thread on the life sciences :lab_coat: portion of this? Would love :white_heart: to learn more!

@ZAP , that’s a great question! I can definitely make a sub-topic for life sciences.
We’re looking to expand beyond this set of existing content:

Specifically around:

  • LIMS / Laboratory use cases
  • Weigh and Dispense
  • Improved Logbooks
  • Improved eBR templates
    NOTE: Some of this may get delayed to Q3/4

Definitely keep us posted with feedback / requests

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A sub topic for life sciences would be FANTASTIC! :heart_hands:

Perfect! Check out this specific topic I created: Library and Life Sciences

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