List of all stations?

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is it possible to get a list of all stations by a trigger function or connector function?

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I know Tulip has been working on this connector very recently as it was a part of the r277 Release Notes. Seems like this functionality is either available already with poor documentation, or it is coming soon.

When you create an API token you see an option for Stations: Read which implies that this should be possible.


However, the support article does not provide any info on how to utilize this. Additionally and oddly, the API Docs inside of Tulip instances do not contain any references to these APIs. You could probably hack around and figure out what the endpoint is or just wait for someone from Tulip to reply.

Yep. Just confirmed you can use this api endpoint to get the list. However, I do not know if there is a record limit on the response so perhaps if you have > 100 stations you might get an abbreviated list.

@danielpomeranz - see docs here. We are working to consolidate these API docs with the existing docs.

TLDR; The default limit, and max limit is 200 stations, if more than 200 exist, a nextPage url will be returned to step through the pagenated response.


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Got it to work.

Thanks a lot

@Pete_Hartnett These are beautiful!!! Is this eventually going to replace the OpenAPI docs inside of Tulip instances? Or will that always coexist since instances might have different apis?

I also use the openAPI doc to build my table records-URL including filter logic.

  • I find it way easier and clearer in the openAPI doc
  • I was not able to get the “Try It” functionality working.
    (I can’t even paste a base url into the form.)

@Pete_Hartnett - Is there a json spec we can get access to for the new api’s ?