LTS 8.2 Undo - Only One Step?

Kitten (“Zelda”) jumped on keyboard, deleted an interactive table widget with some filters and trigger logic configured, and also added a text box.

Undo only removed the text box. Additional undo attempts did not restore the table.

Other than working in feline isolation to avoid recurrence, any suggestions on how to recover?

Is this better in later releases?

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Hi @jmlowden,

You are correct that the undo/ctrl+z functionality doesn’t work well with these linked records type actions inside the app editor.

On the app overview page, you can see published and snapshotted versions of your app. If you hadn’t made many other changes, you can restore directly to one of these version. If you have made a lot of changes, and haven’t taken a snapshot in a while, you can view the most recent published version or snapshot of the step with the interactive table widget to copy the filters and triggers.

Please let us know if Zelda :cat2: has any other feedback or usability features they would like us to consider for future releases.

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