Machine Name & Machine At This Station

I cannot find a [good] way to place a “machine at this station” into an expression. The only way to do this is to build a table hosting the station and the machine name. The issue with this: managing the table if a machine moves to another station & managing the machine’s configuration as well. (i.e. not a single source of information).

Currently within an app, you can store “machine at this station” as a variable and redisplay it but you cannot pull that variable into an expression or even store it to a table. If I’m not mistaken, you would have to manually create each record with the machine name.

Ideally you should, at most, only manage the station assignment in the machine’s configuration and drive outputs/tables/data from that. This would clean up the machine/station relationship for traceability, user friendliness and ultimately one’s sanity. At the very least, “machine at this station” should be as readily available as “Station Name” within an expression. At this surface, it seems like a pretty easy addition but it would be a pretty substantial gain.

Any suggestions to do this elegantly? Would love to see “machine at this station” in more areas very soon, thank you!

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Hi Alex-
There are a few different ways you can manage machines, including saving machine variables to a table. However, it sounds like you are working on some interesting challenges - can you explain more about how you are organizing your machines and stations? We have been talking a lot about how to best manage machines and I would love to hear more from your perspective. Feel free to schedule a call as well if you would like.

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Hi Pete!

I scheduled a call with you so we can discuss in greater detail.
I can explain where we’re at, where we want to go and how we can contribute to your planning!


Great, looking forward to it!