Table Objects in Expressions?

I was excited to try the expression editor in r268 because it opens up a ton of possibilities.

  1. What are all these options for? I have never seen expression logic for handling entire tables. Is there a vision here? And can I do anything with it yet? I would like to access a value from that table record but I can’t do anything with it as far as I can tell.


In the meantime I was able to utilize data from a Get Table Record node by linking it to a variable and then referencing the variable in the expression.

  1. I am curious about the use of the term “Link” for variables instead of “Store” like the rest of Tulip. Was this on purpose? What is the difference?

Hey Dan,

The options in the list of suggestions in the user’s screenshot are the same tables available in the normal data source list. And yeah, there are currently no functions for tables that would make it useful within expressions.

For the Link Variables - it’s a good call out. I would argue that the variables already exist in the platform and that you’re linking them to an automation-specific variable for use in that automation only.



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