Machine Tags/Attributes

1. Copy/Paste machine tags: I believe this was submitted internally within Tulip from a conversation I had but am sharing this anyway. I know it may be tricky but I think the minimum this would need to work would be based on Machine Type. As long as the Machine Type is the same, copying/pasting machine tags/attributes would be huge.

2. Freeze Field Mappings header: Refer to location: Machine Library --> [select machine] --> Configuration --> Field Mappings

With a long list of tags/attributes, it gets really painful to add new tags/attributes to the long list, especially true when adding multiple tags. You have to hit the [+] button, navigate through the menu to find the tag location, select it. Depending on machine connection, protocol/middleware, it can be quite lengthy. It’s hard to remember how many tags you added up to a certain point. If you freeze that menu as you scroll down, you can add away and keep track of it all.

3: Faster tag search: As felt in item #2, faster tag search would be super nice - it’s possibly on your list of things to do yet but in case it isn’t. It’s probably a lot more complicated on Tulip’s end and unfortunately I do not have a good vision of guidance on what this looks like. I’m sure the tag path is different from customer to customer but my path is currently 6 mouse clicks and also some keystrokes/scrolling. This equates to about 30-60 secs/tag/machine which drastically adds up with dozens of the same machine. Process is the same whether it’s a new machine with no tags or an existing machine but adding tags. Auto-matching or recognition by machine name would help expedite this. Also, would like cursor to always be ready in any drop down menu ready to accept keystrokes, currently only happens 1/3 of the time (right column in Field Mappings), when it doesn’t, it adds a mouse-click. Part of this pain would be reduced or eliminated if we were able to copy/paste tags from one machine to another (item #1 above) or at least having the ability run a script to do it.

4. Tag printing/tag comparisons: It would be helpful, especially with machines with a large amount of tags, to be able to print out/export the tag list for each machine (includes tag type). Even better, it would be a cool feature to compare machine tags to show side by side, auto-arranging tags to separate the shared tags from those that are different. At times we make a change or do development work on one machine and it makes it challenging to make sure all machines match and all tags are in the same order. Sorting tags by name or type or ascending/descending would help smooth this out too. :slight_smile: Auto-mirroring would be sweet upon one-click. :wink:

Thank you!