Machine Status Streamlining

Though copying/pasting machine status widgets over into another app or inside the same app is easy and helpful, there is a really good opportunity to streamline this process when connecting “like” machines. Currently, when you copy and paste a built out machine status widget (using multiple tags/data points), everything copies over; however, when you assign a new machine to the new machine status widget, everything clears out even though it has the same machine type. (Each machine of the same machine type share the exact same machine tags/data points.)

Therefore, if the software honored the machine type and its tags, it would be super helpful and a big time saver. We have a lot of the same machines and a lot of the same types with dozens of data points. It would be great if there was an automatic tag recognition even if you jumped from one machine type to another but I can see how that would get super complicated super fast but if it honored the machine type at a minimum and remained populated with the relevant information associated with the subsequent machine, that would be a giant step forward.