Machine selection with Interactive table like widget

Would it be possible to have a machine selection widget that acts similarly to the interactive table?
The goal is to visualize a list of different machines with predefined attributes (status, part counter, last cleaning date,… ) and select one machine out of the list.

Kind Regards,

Hi Kevin, thanks for reaching out!

This is an interesting proposal that has not come up before. Can you elaborate a bit more how you would use this?

A few ideas on how you could approach this today:

  • Combine a single select widget set to “All machines” or a list of machines to store the selected machine to a variable with a machine status widget showing the data for the selected machine. Limitation here is that you will only see the attributes / activity fields for the selected machine.
  • Add the desired machines to a Tulip Table and set up an automation to update the desired attributes / activity fields when the respective machine outputs data (or on a timer). You can then show this interactive table in an App just like you described.


Hello Stefan,

Thanks for your answer and your proposals.

My goal is to give the operator the freedom to choose one machine among multiples. His/her choice will be based on several Machine Attributes : Status, Next cleaning date, last product it was used for, location, …
The interactive table for Machines would allow the operator to view all those attributes for all machines at once and make the decision.