Multi-Select Interactive Table

Have the ability to select multiple records from an interactive table and complete actions (edit, delete, etc.) to the selected table records.

Hi Nicolette,

Thanks for another great suggestion! Do you mind expanding on how you would use this functionality (to help our team understand how to best implement this feedback)?

Would it be to select specific rows and perform bulk actions? Or potentially would you want to loop through all table record and perform a bulk action (like this thread here Selection of multiple rows in interactive table) ?


Hi Beth! Thank you for following up. The functionality Iā€™m suggesting would involve selecting specific rows and performing bulk actions, essentially giving users the ability to highlight or select multiple rows in an interactive table. While the looper widget is undoubtedly beneficial on the backend, as a user/operator, having a visual indication of the selected/highlighted rows in the table would enhance the overall experience.

Got it! I will make sure we get this feedback to the product team and will follow up here if there are any additional questions we have

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