Make User Table more accessible

Hello Team,
Currently only account owners can access the settings thus the User Tables custom fields.
To control the instance settings we cannot make every app builders an account owner.
Can you find a way to make this table more accessible ?

Hey Patxi,

This table was originally locked down to just account owners for compliance for some regulated industries, but we can come up with a more elegant way to handle this.

I created a new feature request to enable this functionality for all user levels who can edit apps. Do you think that would be enough permissions for your usecase?

I will update this thread as that feature request is pushed through to development and release.

In the interim you could use a normal table to do essentially the same thing - Record Id’s could be the user badge id and you could add any specific field about that user. Means you need an additional placeholder in your application, until this feature can be completed, but should otherwise fill this need in the short-term.

Thanks for the great suggestion,

Thanks for the follow up Pete :+1: For the users roles, I think it should be treated as a the usual tables : account owner, adminstrator and tulip table supervisor can create/update, the rest can read only.

Hey Patxi,

I totally agree - If you are building apps you should have access to this table. I reflected this though in the internal feature request.