Table Permissions

Is there a way to assign permissions to Tables, similar to what is done with apps?

As our large organization prepares to start using Tulip, there is some concern over who will be able to access the tables. Our aim is to “democratize” development and thus at some point in time there will be dozens of resources with access to the development environment.




We are wanting to do the same thing!


Is there a way to keep certain people from accessing certain tables? Also is there a way to automatically un-tie a table from an app that’s been copied. I’m running into this now that other people are building apps (copying apps I’ve built that are tied to tables I don’t want changed)?
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hello @armandocapo and @DewyWCI, thanks for your input and apologies for the delay in responding.

the way to control who has access to Tables currently is via User permissions. as can be seen here (from this Support Article: Managing User Roles | Tulip Help Center - Support for Building Manufacturing Apps):

only Account Owners, Administrators and Table Supervisors can Create, Read, Update and Delete Tables. will this help in addressing the permissions you’d like to grant Users??

this being said, there isn’t the same level of control as Apps have with regards to who (within those User roles) can modify Tables.

I have sent an email to you @armandocapo to organize a call with the Tulip Product team to get a better understanding of your needs.

@DewyWCI, are you also interested in discussing the controls you’d like with the Product team?? let me know and I will reach out to organize a call!!