Table & Dashboards Permissions

I would be nice if I can assign Table permission per user/group.
Since that we have tables with sensitive data, not all data viewers should have access to some of them.

Same as Dashboards, any possibility to make this happen?

Hey @emendoza.

Right now there isn’t user level permissions for specific tables or dashboards. There is working just starting around user management and user roles to enable this functionality, and a lot more. This is a fairly large project because each customer wants to be able to configure users differently, and we want to support every unique organizations asks. The engineering work is starting in the next month, and we hope to release much of this additional functionality in the back half of 2022.

One option in the interim is to make apps to display analytics and table data, and then the users who you want to restrict could be set as just operators so they couldnt get to dashboards or tables directly. The advantage here is you can also make your analytics more powerful with dynamic filters.