Max lenght of input

Hello Friends, small question, is there a function that can maximise an input whether text or number?

example, the maximum input of the ID is 10 values and more than 10 is not entered.

Hi @akramyahwar
there is no existing function, but you can use the custom widget “Change detector”
Check the length of the input variable and cut the variable (left-function) if the input length is more than the preset input length.
It works, but sometimes when I type quickly, it needs one more input to recognize the change.

Regards Chris

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I don’t get what exactly you mean.

An input widget? A variable itself? A Table record?

Where is a limit of 10? could you provide an example or a screenshot?

ahh thanks for your message:) i will try

only an input, i mean if u build an input text or number but lets say the max input should be 10 or 5 or 20. But i know now existing function. I got a message from the tulip support and they told me.

This sounds like a great custom widget for anyone so inclined :wink:

@william_vanbuskirk for vis

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oh, and @akramyahwar et al, input validation is something that our design team is actively working on, so more soon here in the next few months.

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ahh nice to know, thx for the information