Minimum Tulip user role for creating custom widgets

Hello Tulip support
I’m writing a procedure for internal use and realized that I do not know this.

What is the minimum Tulip user role required to create custom widgets?

This KB article does not mention custom widgets. Would be nice to have it updated :slight_smile:
Adding Users and Managing User Roles (

thank you

Hi @Rakitha,

the Custom Widgets area can be found in the account level settings.
That means you need a role to access these settings.
The only role to get there is “Account Owner”

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Thank you @thorsten.langner
Would this user level be down graded in future version? Perhaps a new role called custom widget supervisor to match table supervisor, station supervisor, etc.

Currently in my company I’m the account owner and the only custom widget developer, so this is not an issue at the moment. But for future scale up this will be a very good nice to have.

Specially for life sciences we don’t want to give account owner level access to many users.

Hey @Rakitha -

Absolutely. There is a feature coming early next year that will allow custom user role permissions to be assigned flexibly to whatever user roles you desire (along with a lot more).



Hi all, this is now solved with the “Custom User Roles” feature which is available as of r274 and LTS12. You can now create roles with custom sets of permissions, including the management of custom widgets.

Closing the thread for now.

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