Moving Records from one table to another

hiya, I have two Tables:
Table 1 (Temp Record Table)
Table 2 (Master Record Table)

Once I go throught the process of Deleting record with the same ID from Master record table and replacing it with the ID of the record From Temp Record Table.

It adds and replaces the record ok, but my question is there any ways that instead of adding new record to end of Master record table, can the ID match that of the previous deleted record:


I added ID = 74 from Temp Table to MASTER Table :

Would like it to add the record in ID in order after ID 73 if possible, rather than at end of table:



Hi Nigel,

Thanks for your question!

First, is there a reason you are deleting the record completely? Would it be possible if you kept the record and its same ID and just edited/replaced the rest of the data in the row with data from your Temp table?

hi Sydney,
from what I have found out, with two record ID’s the same from both tables, where ID as unique record, I have to delete it before replacing, as something to do with placeholder.

if there is another way of overwriting the record from Master Table record with Record from Temp table, with both ID’s records, I am open to options.

the reason why we are doing this way, as the Temp table record gets signed off before going onto Master table record.

hope this helps explaining it better

Hi @nigel.griffin,

I think the answer here is to load a record from the temp table, use the ID to load the same table from the master table, and then do a DATA MANIPULATION → STORE action with the data from the temp data into the master table. You’re essentially replacing data from one table with the other without actually deleting any records. This would still allow you to approve data from the temp table before doing any action.

so when button is pressed:

Master_test is Master table
Test_Temp is Temp Table

@nigel.griffin try this: