MS Outlook & Teams Integration

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to share a quick API integration with the community. For some reason I always find it exciting when I see how fast and easy it is to connect Tulip with some of the other tools we like to use. Here is an example of Tulip connecting with Outlook for a resource scheduling application.

Happy building!


Hi, how can we use this API?

This is using the microsoft graph API to pass information back and forth between Tulip and Outlook

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Thanks for the information @freedman, I am new at using APIs, I am able to connect to my own tulip tables but not sure how to link to my outlook calendar.

Is it possible to connect to ?

Connecting to graph is a little more involved (but not much!) because we need to figure out how Microsoft recognizes who you are (authentication) and how they want you to communicate with them.

Luckily, they’ve built a tool to simplify this a bit and help people play around.

It is called the “graph explorer” and it lets you use a web browser to tinker around with the API before adding it to your projects.

First, sign in with your microsoft account:

Then scroll down and look at the endpoint options and click on one:

It will automatically populate the endpoint information at the top of the screen and display results at the bottom.

This should be able to get you started. Once you are confident you know how to get the information you want out of the API, the next step is to set it up with Tulip by allowing the Tulip connectors to run the API calls.


Hello Mark,

Your post is very inspiring and I can see unlimited use cases by linking Tulip and Microsoft.

I played a bit with the Graph Explorer you presented in your post (my admin consented to the relevant permissions to run the queries). I’m now trying to set my connectors/function within Tulip.

I thought I was successful but the access token I copied from graph explorer expired . Could you give me some clues on how to manage the authentication ? (Gio mentioned to me to request a token with another connector)

Thanks by advance for you help !

Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad that you found this helpful. I may not be the best person to answer this since I’m admittedly pretty bad at authentication and things like that, however, the basic gist of it is:

  • Set up one connector that will connect to microsoft’s generic API as shown in the image below. That may or may not be the correct endpoint for your specific network / infrastructure but it should be something like the image.
  • When you send in the client id, scope, secret, and grant type you will have the token that you can use in your ‘real’ connector.

Then you just set up some app logic so that it can check if the token is expired and grab a new one.

Does that help?

Hello Mark,

I continue to work on this topic, fresh start in 2021 :smiley: I will show you my progress below:

First connector:


So far I found information as following:

tenant ID : found in, in overview of application

Request Body:

I also gave (with the consent of my Microsoft admin) the API permissions:

I got some ideas of permission from the graph explorer (Graph Explorer - Microsoft Graph) :


This first connector is running without error and I get a token :smiley:

Second connector:

If I copy manually the token from my first connector in my second connector I still get an error.

I’m wondering if you use a different OAuth ? I see in support admin/operator/bearer token. I will ask for this feature if it’s necessary.

All the best !

Sorry for the delay - please take a look at this article and let me know if it helps

Also, please send me a PM of your instance name and I’ll enable a feature flag for you. Thanks!

I would like to connect Tulip to MS Team
Use Case: Chat with a person

I did the above mentioned steps and received the Access Token.
Used this Access Token as a authentication-bearer token to POST the message using Tulip Connector.
In order to send a chat message, I tried the URL in Graph API and received 200ok and the message is sent to the destination, but failed when tried with Tulip connector.- got 412 error while trying to post message to that specific ID

Could you please help me out on this!!