Need suggestion in analyzing data from multiple tables

Hello All,

I want to calculate OEE value from multiple tables. We’ve calculated Availability, Performance and Quality.

Availability is referring to table “OEE Time” and Performance, Quality is referring to Table “Product Data_001”.

OEE should be (AvailabilityPerformanceQuality)/10000 – We have calculated Availability, performance, quality using expressions in analysis editor. Can this output be saved to some variable? or is there any other way? Currently I’m able to multiply only performance*quality but not availability because availability data values are fetched from different table.

We cannot have all the fields in same table so we’ve used multiple tables.

Please advise on all the possibilities to achieve this case. I tried few work arounds but no luck yet.

Hey, thanks for posting. This is a great question.

Unfortunately, as of now you cannot use values from an analysis in trigger logic. That said, if all of your data is in tables, you should be able to get many of the same values using table queries and aggregations.

If you share a little more about the structure of your tables and that expressions you’re using in the analytics editor we can help you get these values into a workable format.