Tables and dashboards

is it possible to build analysis using a whole column of a Table whithout being obliged to push complete the app button i mean dynamic analysis while we are writing data in the table? for exemple, i want to build an analysis comparing “machine concernée” and “type d’arrêt” of the whole table. I tried to do so, but i discovered that analysis take always the last value of the column’s variable. Any suggestions.?

Hi Fahd,

Thanks for your question!
Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to create an analytic based only on a table. The app must be completed in order for the data to be used. For this reason, I would suggest being able to complete the app, and pull the table record back in when the app is opened again.
You can then build an analytic based on the count of these variable types, along with other information you may be interested in.

Hope this helps!