No Nested If/Then Option

I have a step with several dropdown items that I need to check when clicking the Next button (two options: Pass or N/A). Most of them can be either of Pass or N/A (they have no default value on purpose). If any of them is N/A, then a text field entry cannot be empty.

In addition, there is a checkbox that has to be Yes (selected).

My only options on the trigger are “If all” or “If any”. How can I cover both conditions:

  1. Dropdowns cannot be blank.
  2. If any dropdown is N/A, text field entry cannot be blank.
  3. Checkbox has to be selected.

I do not see an option for a nested If/Then statement. Is there another way to do this?

It would be very helpful if checkboxes could have triggers also.

I imagine this depends on the action you want to take for each condition. If this is still an issue for you, write out and share how you would do it if nested If/Then was an option and that will help others to share alternative ways to get it done.

Hi Armando,

Maybe I am misunderstanding but If the checked box has to always be yes, there is no sense in giving the user the option to not check it.

I hope you found the answer by now…