Checkbox / Toggle Visual Differentiation Between Null, No, Yes

In LTS 8.2 and also in our tulip hosted (current release) instance, I am not seeing any visual differentiation between NULL and “No” checkbox / toggle values. Adding some visual feature to make a NULL widget distinct from a “No” widget would be helpful, as the checkbox/toggle is space-efficient versus other options (e.g. single-select drop-down).

Thanks for the great suggestion James!

Going to share a video I took that may provide context as well:

Just stumbled across this thread. This new custom pass/fail widget does what you’re asking for Pass - Fail Checkbox Widget | Frontline Operations Platform

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I built exactly this, without a custom widget.
Its simply two buttons, changing the same variable with a trigger and changing their color.

I guess the widgets value is only there, if you need this often.

I liked the economy of size of the toggle/checkbox - buttons and even a text equivalent of the variable would work, but would take up more space. Also buttons could just use a text field…I’m kind of debating the value of boolean vs. text for yes/no or true/false situations. Also wondering if just setting/restoring a default value of “no” would solve the issue.

You could build a colored frame… however, this would need additional trigger actions:




@Gary @jmlowden @thorsten.langner - really great conversation with some different options here. I think the library widget could be helpful, or as Thorsten / James mentioned, creating some triggers on the standard check box input widget to set the default empty null box to “no” or make some sort of color coding would also work well!

I think it is worth for us from the Tulip side to consider how to make this a little more intuitive without any workarounds for the future though :slight_smile: