Display options for Booleans in a table widget

I’ve got a table widget with a couple boolean values. I can’t see any options for changing the display state from ‘true’ ‘false’ to something like a checkbox

Hey Gary,

One thing you could try is to add a color column to match the boolean value. When the boolean value gets set to true, you can set the color value to blue, for example. When the boolean status is false, you can set the color column to white.


The only downside here is 2x trigger logic. Obviously you will need to make sure things don’t get out of sync. You could consider getting rid of the boolean column entirely and just using the color column as your source of truth. Up to you!


Wouldn’t it be better to use a Text like:

:x: :white_check_mark:



or so?

I find this easier to evaluete by the trigger.
Or better only use a positive one, and no negative one, then you can check for “If blank” or “If not blank”

However, I agree with the suggestion for better displaying options.

Yep, @thorsten.langner is spot on. Emojis will look even better than the color values and be easier to compare against.