Node-RED Version on EMC


I updated my EMC last week to “eMMC-os47-nanopi-r1-stable” and noticed that Node-RED is still running version 1.3.5. Is there any plan to reduce the gap between the version of Node-RED currently running on the EMC’s and the latest version which I believe is 2.1.4?

There are some features we could really benefit from in the later releases such as dynamic MQTT connections as we deploy flows to different sites within our company.

Hi Alan!

this is on the list for this year and is going through our road mapping and planning process (which runs through January), so I can’t commit to a schedule yet.

On a related note, we’re working on additional features to make NodeRED work better with the Tulip platform, and making it easier to reuse flows across devices.

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Sounds like good news. If there is a point when an estimated timeline or updates can be given, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!