Upgrade Node-Red version in edge device

Upgrading to a more recent version of Node-Red would give access to new features as graphical interface but especially some nodes improvement. I think particularly to MQTT node with the dynamic subscription. With embedded MQTT broker and dynamic subscriptions we can make ND flow configurable and build start to build auto discovery flow.

Good call. I wrote a req for this. Let me see what I can do to get this done ahead of OS51.


A little update @youri.regnaud -

This is totally on the radar of the Edge team, but it’s a less trivial change than I had thought.

Point releases can generally be safely and automatically updated (1.1>1.2 can happen without risks of breaking your flows) but larger releases 1.0 to 2.0 often have fairly significant differences that we can’t just automatically apply (a 1.0 flow might not work in 2.0).

To get around this we will need to build a UI for users to be able to test their flows in 2.0, the opt-in to an NR update.

Something we are thinking about, but not something can push through as quickly as I had hoped.