Null values in variable type BOOL, NUM, INT

I find “NULL” values for Booleans, Integers and Numbers are less than optimal. I think these should be zero ( or false). A string can be NULL.
When we use the data manipulation → clear bools, int and nums are set to NULL which is also a problem imo.

This means for data validation we need to check for not blank and greater than zero.

I dont come from a web development background so I’m not sure if this is a common issue in that area. But in PLC programming NULL is only allowed for strings (text) by default

Hey @Rakitha -

The other issue with us ever considering changing this behavior, is this has potential risk to thousands of apps that are already running in production. This is the kind of change that we can’t easily migrate customers to.

if we went down this road, How would a quality department audit and insure all those zeros were actual measurements and not a user forgetting to enter a field? Null values make it so all data can be trusted. If its not Null, someone (or something) set it.

You can set default values for any variable, and Reset all variables to default will set them to that default value, but I wouldn’t expect us to change this behavior nativly.


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I didn’t think of this situation, makes sense.