On-Premise Tulip MS SQL Connector Data Issues

Hello there,

I am currently running test queries against a MS SQL database and I am having inconsistencies when running queries in Tulip VS. MS SQL Server Studio.

In MS SQL Server Studio I am able to pull the records from the database and read the rows and their field values.

However if I run the same exact query in Tulip connectors I am only able to pull the index of the records but no more data is visible:

I have been testing different permissions as well as SSL vs non SSL but it appears to be the same in each case.

Curious if anyone else has had this problem or something similair.


hello @risom, welcome to the Tulip Community!! it would be great if you could introduce yourself at: Welcome to the Community, let's meet!!!

and great to see you resolved the issue!! the text following the AS does indeed need to match the Output names exactly.

let us know if you have any other questions as you start using this data in your Apps!!