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I have a table of work orders to build vehicles in WO app. I have multiple work instruction apps for various vehicle. I select WO in WO app to build blue car. I get transitioned to WI app to build blue car. Next time, I select WO to build red SUV. I get transitioned to a different WI app that guides how to build red SUV. At the end of WI app, I need to print a label that shows WO # selected in WO app.

Is it possible to link WO # from WO app to WI app? If I selected a WO in WO app, Tulip not only transitions to appropriate WI app but also passes selected WO # from WO app to WI app so it can be added to a label in WI app?



Hi Aslan!

Do you have permissions to access the User Table under settings?

One way to do this would be by storing a Work Order ID/# variable into a “Current Assignment” User Table Field.

This KB article covers how to create this kind of routing app to share dynamic data, such as serial numbers, work order numbers, etc. between apps.


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Hi Sydney,

Thank you! I am trying to trigger storing WO’s material table record to current assignment by selecting a table row instead of inputting WO as a variable. Purpose is to remove requirement for operators to scan work orders from a paper and transform operations into paperless environment. For some reason selecting and storing doesn’t work.

I also asked this question to John as seen here:

RE: Order <> Work Instruction Apps - Follow-Up From office Hours - Tulip Community


Hey @Almaty, glad you were able to make some progress. What’s happening here is that you haven’t yet specified which user is going to populate the CURRENT USER table record placeholder. The good news is it’s a simple fix. Create a trigger under the app pane like so:

Then, write a single line trigger statement to load a record into the user table with the Logged-in user as the ID. That looks like this when I do it:

Let me know if this works!

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Hi John,

It worked though my trigger is slightly different than yours. I don’t have “Selected User” but “Current User”. Maybe it is due to LTS 8 release version?

Thank you both so much for the article and troubleshooting help!!


@Almaty, glad that it’s working. RE: the differences: Whatever is displayed after the INTO: is going to be what you named your table record placeholder.

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