Dispatching app ideas

Ok so I have a list of Work orders in a Tulip table (imported from csv) that I have assigned to various operators to complete. When they complete a work order, that can mark that line as complete, which updates a table field “complete” to “Yes”.
There may be various different work orders for a specific sales order that could be assigned to different operators.
I am wanting to create a dispatch app with an interactive table so they can see information about customer, address, ship date etc, which is simple enough. I also want it so that when all lines in a sales order are complete, that sales order in the table either turns a colour i.e green, or a box with that sales order number pops up so that dispatch knows that order is complete. Any ideas on how that could be done would be appreciated.

Hey @Nolsie ,

What you’re describing is certainly do-able!

To clarify though, are you talking about multiple tables? (1 - work order table, 2 - overview sales order?, 3 - customer information table)?

It’d be helpful if you could give me an overview of the table schema you’re working with, and possibly a sample record(s) for each, so I can get an idea of how your data is organized. This will help me respond with some ides that are relevant to your process.

-Kailey :slight_smile:

Hi @Kailey

I spoke to Het and he believes that it will be a lot easier to do this when the looping functionality that is being developed.

It’s a single table.

Here is a picture of the table we are using.



One easy to implement approach could be to add a new column in the table of the data type color. You could call this status. (Null = Red, In Progress = Yellow, Completed = Green)

Whatever triggers writes the final boolean value into the column “Completed”, could also store the color green into the “Status” field.

You could leverage that to get a nice visual view of the current statuses.

Would that work, or are you looking for something different?


Hi @Kailey

I am trying to make the app so that only when ALL items in a sales order number are complete that it marks it as green

Maybe you can use query/aggregation to calculate of all production orders for a sales order is closed. A field with 0/1 and min/max aggegation will do the job, no?

Hi @youri.regnaud appreciate your input.
I’m quite new to using Tulip, do you think you could explain a little further what you mean?



Table query and aggregation http://support.tulip.co/en/articles/5094417-tulip-table-queries-and-aggregations can help you to build a « sales order query » with all production orders related to one sales order number. With aggregation we can for example make a min() calculation based on integer field (0 for non competed, 1 for completed) if min() is 1, all Production orders related to one sales order are closed! If you want to make mass record update, Table API is maybe a good option. Hope it helps