Release 179- February 2020

These are the product updates in release 179.

Release 179 goes live to all “production” customers on 2/24/2020.

Display Lists of Table Records in Apps

You can now display an interactive list of table records in an app. Common use cases include:

  1. Work orders in a queue at a specific station
  2. Machine inspections that need to be completed
  3. Toolsets for each product in a high-mix environment
  4. Supervisor dashboards with an overview of work orders for each production line
  5. Issue tracking for a continuous improvement team

Other Changes

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Hi Kevin, nice new list feature! Is it plan to do same kind of features from a HTTP or SQL connector? Work Order, Logistic tasks, … can be store in system of records, not in Tulip tables records


Agreed, clicking on a table that shows data from a connector ought to set a variable to the values in that row. We are currently looking at whether to merge the two types of tables, or to keep them separate and add that functionality to the current table view for connector data. Most likely it will be the second approach.