Release 195 - November 2020

These are the product updates in release 195.

Release 195 goes live to all production customers on 11/16/2020.

History Widget

Built for viewing batch and device records, the history widget offers visibility and traceability into the creation, update, and deletion of table records. It is an interactive, scrollable widget, that you can embed within your app, and link to a specific table record. The widget will capture data about the current user and session, as well as record timestamps and changes made to values in a table. Please reach out to us if you’d like that feature enabled in your instance.

Linked Records

With this release, establish relationships between table records through Linked Records. Regardless of what the data within your Tulip Table is, there will likely be a definable relationship between it and another Tulip Table. By utilizing linked records, you can define, manage, and visualize these relationships between different tables. Please reach out to us if you’d like that feature enabled in your instance.

A popular example of this may include assembly and sub-assembly data, or shift schedule and operator information data.

Machine Columns in Tables

Machine variables are now supported field types for columns in Tulip Tables.

OPC UA Tag Quality

Tag information sends with a Good or Bad quality value to verify the validity of the data between the OPC UA server and Tulip.

New Analytics Filters

  • Filter by Week Number
  • Filter by Last 60 Minutes

New expression editor functions

RGB and RGBA functions allow you to return the color of the specified components.

Other Features and Fixes

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