Outdated Knowledge Base

As a new user I rely heavily on the knowledge base section, though I’ve noticed it is outdated, it either doesn’t have accurate images based on its latest product version, which it makes it a bit cumbersome to figure out but in the end I was able to. When it comes to setting up external devices, particularly barcode scanners, the help provided is for Windows 8, most corporations are on Windows 10. it makes it difficult to find device’s PID & VID following the base, but provided basic information to further google it and get the required info from the device. it would be extremely helpful if it is kept up to date with the latest product and OS versions.

Hey Jorge, thanks for the feedback. We can certainly update the barcode scanning article.

Are there any other specific articles that jump out to you where the content was out of date?

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the prompt response! Can’t recall the other instance I found something confusing or out of place. Once I remember, will let you know for sure!

Great, appreciate it!