Barcode scanner/ generic serial device set Up

I would like to connect a Tera HW0007 (433) to my gateway. It shows up under the gateway devices as a generic serial device. Its purpose is to create a record ID in a table corresponding to data (serial number) of the scanned part. But it does not work as it did before with the base barcode scanner that came with the kit, which will not work for this application as the scanner needs to be capable of reading inverse GS1 dat matrix. I changed the device trigger from barcode scanner to generic serial device and still doesn’t seem to be communicating to the gateway. Any tips or recommendations would be great!
Thanks in advance

Hey @jzwierzchowskimmc !

Have you tried setting up the configuration based on this article?


Thanks for the quick response. I think you may have forgot to attach the article, I don’t see an attached article.


It should be under the word “article” - but here’s the link: How To Use The Generic Serial Driver | Tulip Help Center - Support for Building Manufacturing Apps :slight_smile:

Okay thanks, I’ll give it a read and hopefully ill be able to make it work

Let us know if any issues pop up :slight_smile:

I was not able to figure out how to set up the driver from that article or the linked article attached. I am kind of lost. How do I determine the values for the fields?

Is your scanner USB or RS232 Dsub 9?

@DewyWCI Its a USB scanner. It showed up on the gateway as a generic serial device so I switched to that device trigger after nothing with the barcode scan. The Tulip directions for generic serial driver set up was a bit out of the ballpark for me and seemed to be geared towards those with IT experience. Hoping that someone else is able to crack this

Have you considered hooking the scanner up to the device running the player?
I’ve found its easier going that route.
You’ll have to get the scanner manual and set it for keyboard output though. Usually involves scanning a couple barcodes included in the manual.
Then there are just a couple more steps after that but manageable without IT knowledge. Let me know if you need any help.

I have not, I think for my application this may not be possible, but worth the shot. If you could share how to do this set it would be great. Thanks

  1. You need to set the scanner to output in keyboard mode.
  2. Use Notepad to verify you have an output from the scanner to a computer.
    You can use Notepad ++ as well and it will show you if the output has a carriage return (Will show up as CR - its needed).
  3. Open Device manager (use search in the menu tab) and scroll to Universal Serial Bus (this is what its under on my PC) and open the tree for it (Caret next to Universal Serial Bus). You may have to unplug the scanner and re-plug it in to verify its the correct device you’re looking for in the tree.
  4. Right click on the device and then click on properties. Then click on the “Events” tab
    This will show you the Vid (Vendor ID) and the Pid (Product ID). You’ll need these when adding the device to the player.

    Once the above tasks are done and verified you can move onto the player.

    Go into the “Tools” tab of the player and scroll to “Add Custom Barcode Scanners”.

This is where the Vid and the Pid will be used. You can add any name you want in the “Name” field. I would suggest adding whichever name you choose to the scanner with a label as well since the Vid and the Pid are usually tied to that one device (will make your life easier if someone tries changing out the scanner and cant figure out why its not working).

Hit the save button.

Now once this is complete you should be able to scan a barcode and have it show up in the test window under the “Add Device” and “Save” buttons.
Another thing to note was I had to go into the “Tools” tab in the player, scroll down to “Device Input Language” and switch it to “Based on Operating System’s Keyboard Layout” before it would work.

Hope this helps out!! Let me know if you need clarification on anything! :+1:

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@DewyWCI Thanks so much. I’m going to give it a go and hopefully goes off with out a hitch. I will let you know if I have any questions

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Do you keep the USB scanner plugged into the computer or do you plug into the gateway

Sorry for the delayed response. Whatever device is running your player (computer, tablet, etc.).