Zebra DS2278 Scanner Issues


We have a production line which runs with Tulip, but recently had to replace the scanner, a Zebra DS2278. We had used it for about a year and a half (time I’ve been here) and it was plug and play, but suddenly in the week of 2/28 it stopped working with the gateway. I have confirmed that it is reading barcodes by connecting it to a PC, opening notepad and scanning the barcodes that are used on the production line. Whenever I scan the barcode it beeps to confirm it’s reading it but does nothing after that.

Date of first issue was 2/28.

I am running the latest update on that gateway.

Barcodes scanned are used in the line and some that I’ve found from a barcode generator.

It is powered and connected correctly to the gateway.

This is a simple test I was running to verify it works.


But it fails to go to the next step.

It seems to be now affecting that scanner which worked last week.

I had to restart the Tulip player in order to trigger the change.

This is how my stations are appearing now.
I deleted the testing station I have and created it again thinking it would take care of the problem, but it seems that was not the case.

I have exactly the same issue with mine, connected straight through the USB port on a PC.