Page Select Button Font Size of Interactive Tables Should Change with Font Size of Interactive Table

As the title says. The font size of the page buttons is so small on our iPads that it almost can’t be touched!


I completely agree with you Ethan! I got many calls from operators that cannot see a record but that’s because it’s on another page, to work around that I’ve set all my embedded table to display the maximum number of rows (but unfortunately it’s limited to 100) and I’m adding sorting/filters to minimize the number of record displayed.

Anyway, I second your post, there is some work to do on the page button to make it easier to change page and also make the user realize that there is other pages.

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Hi there,
We dealed here with the same issue, what will your development team will fix this issue, I have it especially in a page including production order list and can’t make it smaller, so those page number appears in the bottom very very tiny, the user can’t go to next page because of their size.
Please enter this issue to your road map a.s.a.p

Just following up to keep this issue on the radar

@Ethan and all - We agree that the font is too small and are hoping to address this soon! Thanks for keeping the thread alive :slight_smile: .

Can we also have more than 100 rows displayed? If this is something that could be developed this would be handy…

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@Nolsie - possibly :slight_smile: , but can you describe the use case where over 100 rows would be helpful?

Hi removing my vote here to push other product suggestions.
The latest update is answering the topic :

Good catch @pte I think this topic can be closed.

Hi all! As discussed above, this feature has been shipped, so I am closing out this topic. :slight_smile: