Upper limit of tables

When we check the tables in our instance, we notice that the bottom one is not shown.
Is there an upper limit to the number of tables that can exist?
Is there any way to make them visible?

hello @da-noguchi, thanks for posting.

just to confirm, are you experiencing this issue from multiple computer & browsers?? furthermore, can you confirm the Zoom level on the browsers set to 100%??


Hello @gio .
Yes, This has been confirmed on multiple devices.
The browser zoom is also at 100%.

There is no problem with the function of the table in the overlapping area.
I’m able to write data from the app.
I think it’s just that the overlap is preventing me from selecting it on the table display screen.

hello @da-noguchi, thanks for confirming!! yes it looks like there may be a rendering issue causing this, I have created a ticket for our Engineering team to look into it.

could you share the device you’re using and the browser??

furthermore, if you could send the link (via DM if you prefer) to the instance URL our team can look into it. thanks!!

Hey @da-noguchi,

We’ve opened a Feature Request to add pagination to our Tables page.

We’ll follow up after that has scoped out, and when we know what release you might expect to see this feature within.


hello @Kailey ,
I am eagerly awaiting further news.