Photoelectric Sensors Connections

Hi Everyone,
We have a need to create a network of sensors that can trigger specific action once something passes through the light beam, I have looked at the list of the sensors that are currently TULIP compatible but I seem to unable to find any to purchase, certainly nowhere in the UK.
Also if anyone had experience connecting sensors to TULIP please can you advice as to what hardware is needed to be able to hook sensors to the app i.e. wires, gateway, modules? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks Max

hey @max, welcome to the Tulip Community, it would be great if you could introduce yourself at: Welcome to the Community, let's meet!!

just to confirm, did you take a look at all of these sensors: Photoelectric Sensors | Frontline Operations Platform?? but so long as the sensors output between 12V and 24V, you should be able to connect them to an I/O Gateway. if you can share which sensors you can find in the UK, we can confirm whether or not they will work!!

but aside from the sensor and the Gateway, there’s nothing else that’s needed. you’ll be able to use the ‘Device > Pin Changed’ Trigger in your apps:

hope this helps, let us know if you have further questions!!

Hey @max,
To add to @gio’s suggestion, another thing to consider while ordering Photoelectric sensors is to ensure that they are PNP devices. If you could confirm that they are indeed PNP, they should be good to go!


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Thanks Gio!
I will share once sensors are purchased. Indeed I have had a look at the list of sensors and trying to purchase sensors that are on the list, although it is proven to be harder as we are unable to find distributed here in UK at the moment. good to know that is is PNP as long as we use I/O Gateway.
thanks for your help! will share more info once sensors are here and connected.
Thanks Max

no problem @max!! looking forward to seeing how you’ll be using these photoelectric sensors!!