Pictures included in Tulip email


Is it possible to include in the emails automatically generated in Tulip (when a certain condition is met) also pictures?
That will be very helpful when the inspectors identify a quality issue and we need to escalate to suppliers, Managers or Production Supervisors.

Is it possible at the moment? Do you have any suggestions?

Best regards,

Matteo Morosin

Hi @matteo.morosin,

We’re looking at our email services later this year - we will come back to this.

Otherwise, maybe utilizing a connector?



@jakerigos I have had a lot of success using the SendGrid connector to send custom configured emails, however, attaching Tulip based images would be a bit tricky because you would need the connector to somehow send a signed URL of the image. Currently there is no way to do this in Tulip without first utilizing a signed URL API, then sending the signed URL to SendGrid or a similar service. Is this correct?

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