Request for Enhanced Email Functionality in Tulip Application

As far as I know, the Tulip app can send simple messages to receivers via email, but it doesn’t fulfill our functional requirements. I’m wondering if your team can incorporate the following features. thanks!

  1. The ability to specify the sender and receiver’s email addresses.
  2. The option to insert a custom email subject and body text.
  3. The capacity to export data to a CSV file and send it as an attachment.
  4. The option to send the analysis as an attached file, rather than a link.

Hi, additional for that:

  • Ability to send e-mail to several users
  • Ability to send to e-mail addresses outsite of tulip users - today you can send e-mail only to addresses of Tulip users.
  • Enlarge expression editor box for configure body of e-mail messages, it’s too small and concatenate fields in it is too difficult.
  • Converting the text in the body of the email to unicode from plain text so that it is possible to combine Hebrew (or any other language that is written from right to left) together with numbers and English, otherwise the text comes out very messy

Thank you,

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Hey Amit,

In the meantime, we also have sendgrid connector (tech partner) to achieve some of this desired functionality in the interim:

Let me know if this helps in the interim.


Hi @rui and @Amit - These are great suggestions and we are considering many of them. Making this possible requires a few changes to how we show triggers so it is unclear at the moment when you will see these improvements. In the meantime I highly recommend taking advantage of our tech partners!