Editing email layout sent from an app

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Is it possible to edit the format of the mail being sent from an app?
Here I am thinking about the standard layout (i.e. subject of the mail, footer, etc.)


Hi @HCEH, this is a really good question. The official answer is that Tulip does not allow for email formatting within applications. If emails need to adhere to a specific format for brand, readability, or other reasons, we’ve seen other folks use a 3rd party provider like Sendgrid or Twilio. These services typically work by having you configure the email in their platform, and they send emails when you hit an api endpoint, which you can do with connector functions.

That said, I’ve seen folks get really creative with the expression editor to format emails. It’s not perfect, but between variable, table records, and text expressions, you might be able to get pretty close. Here’s a quick tip for adding line breaks to emails, for example.

One last thing: I was able to find a product suggestion for better email formatting. I’m surprised how few votes it has because this is a request I’ve gotten many times, anecdotally. Go ahead and make your voice heard :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for the quick reply and good tips @John .

Beside the content of the mail I was also thinking about the subject and footer of the mail.
For example, the default footer is mentioning Tulip support contact details and HQ address in MA. I am afraid that our users might only get confused, as well as your Support mailbox watchers and even receptionists at your HQ when our users start showing up for help. :slight_smile:
It could be really nice if the mail layout could be configured.


Hey @HCEH , we will soon launch a SendGrid Connector to help with this very use case. SendGrid and other email APIs offer full formatting of emails. We will keep you posted when this launches (Est. 1-2 weeks)

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