Tulip app emails reply email address

I have my tulip app sending information out to some engineers at my company. We’ve had a few instances now where they would like to reply to the email to talk to the owner of the app. Is there a way to change the reply to email address that Tulip sends out?


There is actually an open product suggestion to allow customization of emails sent from Tulip, which includes the point you have above: Request for Enhanced Email Functionality in Tulip Application . Check it out and make sure to vote to help influence priority of this suggestion!

In the meantime, you can try using something like the SendGrid connector https://tulip.co/library/connectors/sendgrid-connector/ to achieve some more customization here. Gio also wrote up some instructions here: People - Email for Users vs. Admins Only - #4 by Ethan

Another quick fix may be to include a specific user’s email address in the message: