How to add image to email

Hi there,

we want to send an email confirmation containing some information from inside the app.
One of them is a picture the operator has taken inside a form step. I don’t seem to be able to add said image to the expression that forms the emails content.

Is there a way to do this?

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So I realized it is possible to add images to an email if you put the image(s) into an array and inside the expression editor add the image array to the email.

It would be nice to be able to directly add an image, though.


Hi Vanessa,

Thanks for this. I agree that this should be more intuitive. I’ll share this with the engineering team to take a look into.


Could you please show some screen shots on how you do this :slight_smile:

Hello team,
I am looking for the same. I require to send an email but including a picture that was already taking in the app as variable.
please, let me know if this is possible.


hello @Judyth, welcome to the Tulip Community!!

the solution that @vdasilva suggested is as following:

I would like to point out that this sends the URL of the image, not the image itself. will this work for you??

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Just wanted to follow up here - I tried the above suggestion, however, the link that’s provided in the email sends me to an error:

Does this method still work? Any tips here?

Additional follow-up, pushing multiple pictures into an array and sending the text of that array doesn’t send an email at all (not even a blank email), despite seeing the ‘Email Sent’ notification.

Image links will only work for a few days after the image has been taken, otherwise you will reach an AWS error link. I think 3 days about. You should be able to create an array with a bunch of image links and then use join to string on that array, send it to a new different string variable, and then email that string.

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I’ve taken pictures from the app directly and send via email. Opening the email link immediately still prompts the error on my end despite being within the approx. time window you suggested. Not sure what’s going on here.

Could you post a screenshot or copy and paste an example of the link?

Pretty sure the problem has to do with the link - it’s placing the array ending quote as a function of the link…

Here’s the link I receive via email, area highlighted as the issue:

Clicking it takes me to:

Using the same link without the last character ("), takes me to the image just fine, but requires more intervention by the user to access it.

I’d like for this to be as seamless as possible. Does everyone else have this problem? Any alternatives currently?

Follow up - I was able to modify the string to remove the [, ", and ] characters.

For some reason it kept erroring on the substitute for the [ character, so I had to get creative. Only works on a single photo array. Some form of regex may work as well but this is easier.

If more than 1 photo is in an array, an email does not send regardless of array pruning.

Here’s the procedure I’m using without issue, it’s a little roundabout but avoids the issues you’re having.

Step 1: Load your record placeholder and store the photo into a photo array. It’s easiest to create an array within the if/then logic screen so you know the array type is correct. It should be a Photo URL Array

Step 2: Then you need to use TOTEXT and move the photo from the photo array to your string array that you want to use to construct your email body

Step 3: Finally you’ll use Arrays → Join to String to concatenate that string array into a single string that can be emailed

Below you can see a sample of an email I created, along with some other information from the app that I pushed onto the string array along with new line characters before the join to string operation.

I have worked through setting up pictures to flow through emails as mentioned with the various methods above however, similar to the issue I had prior with setting up an email through expression to pull from table records, it only pulls the first photo. I took 2 out of 4 photos, have it set up to possibly pull 4 photos and the message nulls out the 2nd photo taken.

Thoughts? I don’t think “LINK” will work in this case as I already tried it.

If you run your app in Test mode can you verify in the variables area that Photo 2 has information in it? Also just FYI you can insert new line characters into your string by pressing Shift + Enter. So + ’ Shift + Enter ’ +

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I know that Photo 2 has information as I could see it in the table. I just need the email to send anything with information regardless to if there are values that come up null.

The photo may be in the table but is it in the variable you are referencing when constructing your email?

Gotcha. I see what you’re saying. I need to circle back on how I am sending the photos.