Create image through URL

Hey there! Is it possible to create an image in an app that is populated through a URL (and that URL is variable?). It seems I am able to upload a static image, but I’d like my image(s) to be dynamic. Thanks!

Hi, I’d be happy to help you with this. There are two parts: writing the trigger action, and then embedding the image on the step.

For part 1, here is a sample trigger that can store any image URL value in a variable called “sample_dynamic_image”

Then, you need to add that image to a step. Under the “Text” menu on the widget bar, select the “Variable” widget.

Then, in the Context Pane, choose that specific variable. Tulip will automatically recognize it as an image URL and load the image on your step.

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Hi, can I enter the image url using a form step?

Hello there!

For those who still have this issue in 2023, I would like to share my own tips.
I used the same logic as Brian_Haselton but I add an variable and a imput space for the “dynamic” url, so every time you write down a new url the image automatically change.

First step : create two new variables for your app
dynamic_image (type image url ; no value by default)
dynamic_url (type text ; no value by default)

Second step : insert an image
with “dynamic_image” as data source

Third step : insert a text imput
with “dynamic_url” as data source

4nd step : add this trigger ↓ to the text imput you just create

In this example you will need to write the url to change the image, but you can also make that happen differently. For example, the new url could come from a MQTT message (that what I do in my use case)

@Lauriane_B, great tip, thanks for sharing!