Dynamically changing an image with buttons


I am looking to create a step that has a series of buttons to click, these consume half of the screen, I would like each button to pull up a different image or video on the other half of that screen. Is this possible?


There are a couple ways to do this. I’d build a template step, then copy that step for each image you want, then use Triggers on each button to transition to step with the image you want to “pull up.”

You’re not actually changing images dynamically with this method, you’re simply using transitions to other steps to make it look like the image/video is changing.

I’ll post an example shortly.

Hello Russ,

I currently have it set up in this way, but am wondering if there is a way to get rid of the back and forth navigation required by this method. If it’s possible to have it all on one step I would prefer to do that.


Try replacing the image/video in the step with a Variable. Then set the Triggers on buttons to perform “Data Manipulation” and store the static value for target change the Variable.


This method did work, thanks for the help!

Note for those considering using this: the images utilized must be the same aspect ratio as the images will not autofit into the variable box.