Loading each step in a button

Good day some guidance here would be greatly appreciated.

I created a navigation bar with the group names being on each button, I would like to store the current step inside each button so that a user can jump around this nav bar and get to the last step that was used.

I got some direction already and believe on the right track. Here is what I’ve done:

  1. Make a variable on each step with an on step enter trigger: Data Manipulation-store-app into-step name-variable partidNav.

  2. In each button I make a then statement: Go to step by name- step or group name-variable- partidNav.

This only stores the first step name to each step. I then tried to clear the variable on each complete button on a step to move forward within the group, but then the nav bar buttons don’t function.

I wish this was easier to do. Maybe in the future, an improvement would have variables on buttons. Probably a reason why but it would make this type of task easier.

Please if you have any thoughts, reach out. Thank you so much in advance.


I was able to figure this out I will upload a solution soon. For the time being, if you’re interested, direct message me and I will share.

OK so all that are curious on how to save step name into a button (good for a navigation bar, where each button is the group name).

  1. You have to first create a variable that will be on each step in the group. (later, you will hide this with a move to back, or changing the color to the background).
  2. The variable needs an On Step Enter trigger; Then- Data Manipulation, Store, data: App Info Step Name location: Variable: ex:groupnameNAV.

Now to the Navigation button’s trigger. The Logic should read:
If Variable groupnameNAV is not blank, then Go to step by name: Variable groupnameNAV
Else if… Then Go to Step…

The next goal is to save the status of this nav bar into a table so that when a user logs back into the app, steps and the variable colors are stored and are shown.


Hi @don.feeney, thanks for taking the time to share this, and glad you were able to work this out! Next time I see you at office hours let’s take a few minutes to go through how you’re thinking through this technique, and how we might bring tables into a future iteration.

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John! Thank you sir. Sounds great, I will be there today.