Saving both color/step name in a Navigation Bar for Exit

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The Goal: Saving progress in the Nav bar so that if app is paused and/or another app replaces this one on the station, a user will be able to come back and see the Navigations progress from prior use to continue where he or she left off.

I believe this is a three part process: storing variables to a table, Loading Navigation on app startup, and the clearing the data from Nav Bar when the process is completed, and app is reset for its next use.

Each Group name represents a button in the Nav Bar. Storing it’s content such as current step and its corresponding color to a table, so each button should have its own 2 columns. One to save the partidNAV that we’ve created, and one for the progressColor variable. How we get there is on each complete button/ or next to advance in the app group/ through application–> data manipulation store variable partidNAV and progressColor to the table.

This is where I’m having trouble: Loading this data into the Nav bar when application is reopened. I had some guidance that we need to Data Manipulation- Store- Table Record- Nav (placeholder for the table you’re using) and the row names, location: Variable partid, and then do the same for progressColor… This logic is in the app started trigger. But it is not working.

Hope your able to understand and have a solution for this. If you have any thoughts or need clarification, please let me know.

Thank you, best regards,

Hey @don.feeney: the trick here is to make the colors of your nav elements variables. There’s a brief overview in this post, as well as here. I’ve made a video about it here. If you’re still stuck, I’m happy to work through this with you in office hours.

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yes John, every step group has a progressColor variable, this changes the color depending on what step is complete. It’s this variable and the variable that stores the step name that need to be written to a table. Each step group- a button in nav bar, has two unique variables like the two mentioned, and each has it’s own place on this table. I have 11 buttons, I have 22 columns. I’m able to fill the row with data that I am saving. What is my next move to be able to put these records back into the nav bar once the application is reopened? App Started trigger? We were storing the table records here but seems like it may be different logic that’s needed.

just a follow up… I have fixed this issue… If you’d like a solution. JUST DM me.