Printing using a "non zebra" label printer


I was just wondering if anyone has tried hooking up a more cost effective printer for printing shipping/check-in/barcode labels?
Right now a new Zebra printer with ethernet port is around $600. It gets very costly when needing multiples on a production line (separate sub build stations that get scanned into a final for Poka yokes).
I was thinking of using a Dymo (yes, a cheap printer) to print off an image of the shipping label on a step set to Mobile Landscape.

If anyone has done something like this already I’m all ears, or if it will not work then I can put this idea on the back burner for awhile.

Any advice/ideas are welcome! Thanks!

hello @DewyWCI, yes Zebra printers are very reliable but they can indeed get quite expensive.

so long as the printer is connected to the tablet or computer, you’ll be able to print the landscape pages you’re mentioning. looking forward to hearing what printers other users are using!!