Zebra printer won't print from app - only line feed

Hi all,
we’re having 2 zebra printers ZD421 with dedicated EdgeMC devices.
Now we’re having the problem that one Zebra mostly will not print any QR Code sticker. Only a line feed shows the activity. The printer log says there was a print job.
We have restartet EdgeMC and Zebra several times, wihtout any changes.
A selftest (forward+cancel ?) prints the configuration sheet correct.

I looked for a solution at zebra homepage, but did not found any information.

Anyone have a idea? I compared the settings between both Zebra and Edge devices, but they are identically. All devices are reachable in the network without any errors.

Any ideas?

Regards Chris

Hey @ChrisF -

Have you verified that the device driver is enabled, and the template name is identical across devices?

If you could either shoot me the url to your app (in a DM) or reply with a screenshot of your trigger I can dig in a little more.


Hi Pete,
after checking the settings, ZPL code inside the Edge and triggers twice, together with our local country support, and after the 2nd Zebra printer won’t print now from Tulip too, we opened an emergency ticket (Tulip in our productivity environment).

Regards Chris