Edge MC, Zebra QR and shifted left indent

Hi all,
I don’t know where to ask, so I’m trying here…

We are using 2 Zebra QR Code printer ZD421 at 2 Edge MC devices.
It works well and all label are printed correctly. The Zepra printer is configured as Generic-Zebra-Printer with tested templates and zpl-Code.

But now we observe (again after 4 month without problems) anshifting of the left indent: the labels are printed but blank. A test shows that the label is shifted ~300px/pt outside the printing area. No change to the settings (network, Edge, Zebra) were made.
4 month before the same issue occur and I had to change the left indent in the zpl-Code.

Has anyone ever observed this phenomenon and can perhaps explain to me what happened?


Hi Chris,

Two possible things I can think of:

  1. ^LH commands changing the origin of the label will persist but only until the printer is powered off. If you’ve powered off the printer recently, the origin will re-set; is it possible that before, someone ‘homed’ the printer with a ^LH or ^LS command, and it has been recently powered off now to clear the command?

  2. Some other system settings may be re-set if power is turned off unexpectedly. I’d recommend checking the printer’s properties with ZDesigner, linked here: Zebra Customer Community

I’ve had this problem before when the label size setting was changed, so now the printer ‘thinks’ the label starts at a different place than what’s actually the case.

Let me know if this helps!

Hi Kyle,
thank you for your thoughts.
I’m the only one who configure the printer and edge device and none of my apps change the code.
All devices a restartet several times.
Now I’m trying to test-out where exactly the label starts, but because the device is at another company location, I have to wait for a remote cam for further tests.
I will replay as soon as I found something.

Regards Chris